Drink & Dine

World class food & drinks

The most exclusive selections of the Mediterranean and traditional Albanian Cuisine, dishes prepared with the freshest products and ingredients. 

Have a complete new experience in our luxury sushi bar and meet our world class chef.


Sushi Bar

Sushi never tasted this fresh

Whether it's Salmon Sashimi, Seabass Nigiri, California Rolls, Temaki, Uramaki... you name it, our trained sushi chef is going to cook it right in front f your eyes in a spectacle of excitement. An unforgettable moment


Feeling fancy?

Dine at our 5-star Restaurant

Maybe Japanese food is not your first choice. Enjoy our exquisite fish cooked to perfection and side dishes that burst full of flavor. Pair your dish of choice with a sublime bottle of fine wine, helped by our sommelier.


Breakfast like a king

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Here at Prado Luxury Hotel and here in Albania we like to have a proper filling breakfast with an amazing assortment of picks from our all you can eat buffet. There is nothing better than a great breakfast to start a sunny day at the beach.


Pool off at our pool bar

Ideal to enjoy quick meals and delicious cocktails

Hop off the pool to visit our pool bar, complete with all the drinks you could want on a hot summer's day. Choose between a plethora of platters of fruits and desserts and ice creams. Recharge your energy and get back in action.


Enjoy our beach bar

One of the highlights of Prado Luxury Hotel

Our unique beach bar is considered one of the highlights of Prado Luxury Hotel; designed to create a relaxing atmosphere as you enjoy a drink in the beach


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Ignite Your Senses

In our luxury hotel you’ll enjoy fantastic views and savor culinary masterpieces.